23 Oct 2023

How To Make Special Navratri During Fast (vrat,Upvaas) Days with benifits, RAMA NAVAMI

 On the Occasion Of Ram Navami ( राम नवमी ).

Rama Navami Is a Hindu festival which is one of the most popular in India. And It Also Known as 7th Avatar of LORD VISHNU , Ram Navami usually 

In this Day Government holiday also. And it is also  part of Chaitra Navratri.

Which things You make Special Navratri

It is a nine days of Festival in that celebration

goddess Durga is worshipped and most people having fast during Nine Days 

Here are Some Vrat Recipes you can Try I'm home and making this Navratri so much Special.

1). Sabu Dana Kichdi

It is most popular dish in during faast.

Sabu Dana is full of Starch and carbohydrates which gives uh instant energy and metabolises the cells. And most delicious n healthy dish. Uh can try this one

Ingredients are. Desi Ghee, potato, peanuts , sabudana ,tomato etc etc uh  can add as per ur choice..

2).Makhna Kheer

If you Loving desserts  here for you . this Delicious kheer made your faast more exciting. More special 

It contains milk, dry fruits, kaju, Almonds,Kishmish etc you can add as per your choice

3).Kuttu Ki Poori

Black wheat flour is the perfect during fasting days it is so much easy it takes so less times for making this recipe

Uh can add some boil potatoes after that taste is awesome. 

4). Kuttu Ka Dosa

If you south Indian food Lover Then you love the Dosa like me , here for you in Vrat Season a crisp dosa with made of black wheat flour n potatoes..with mint n with coconut chutney..

5) French Fries

Potato lover You can Try French fries with made of Fry with Desi ghee. With sendha namak taste will be 😋 yummy.. 

Here are five dishes for you having faast in Navratri... Making so much special.

Here are Some benefits for having Fast In navratri

Fasting is one of the most usefull method to heal your soul and bodymind and scientifically it has been proven fasting can reverse any damages in body al well clean at your cells level.

Some benifits are :

1).Weight loss

If you are suffering from fat or heavy weight so you have to must doing faast in  every Navratri  having low food, having satvik bhojan will definitely helps  you a lot in weight loss...

2). Detox

Body detoxification is necessary to all because it toxin can accumulate for long run in Having vrat most beneficial benifits in your detoxification of your body.

3).Oxidative Stress

In now a days peoples are having so much so much stress During Fasting days it dissolves all the oxygen levels al well oxygen free radicals.

4).Mental Health

It is directly proportional to your food habits whatever you consume daily routine  but During Fasting days will  definitely show you positive impact in your body.

And You can Go To Temple daily on regular which helps you spiritually. And you can play indoor games that makes you so much happier .for making this Navratri special..

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I hope this article usefull for you all. Thanks for you giving me precious time. If you have any queries regarding this please let me know in the comment below....

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Happy Rama Navami to All .

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